Day Camp Program

The day camp program runs from 9 AM to 4 PM, Monday thru Friday. A day at Cub Scout camp is crammed full of fun. Our trained staff have lots of activities, games, and  instruction planned to make each day memorable. Scouts will visit some program areas every day. Other areas they will visit two or three times during the week.


The Camp Split Rock waterfront is the best place to be on hot summer days. Our staff of trained lifeguards will make sure that Cubs have fun, and stay safe, in the water, no matter what their swimming ability.

Swimming - Each day, Cubs will have a chance to go swimming. Cubs will practice diving, learn basic swim strokes and rescue methods and beat the heat.

Boating - Located adjacent to the swimming beach, paddle boats and rowboats are available for Dens to take out. Cubs will practice rowing techniques and can race paddle boats within a safe, visible cove at the pond’s southern tip.

Fishing - A fishing beach, just outside of the Magee Lodge, allows for supervised fishing away from the swimming area.

Field Sports

Shooting Sports and athletics programs are part of our field sports area. Den Activity periods are scheduled so Cubs will take part in ‘Field Sports Blocks’ before or after lunch, meaning Dens will hike down to Field Sports and then shoot and play field games all together, to minimize time walking back and forth.

BB Range -  Two BB Ranges mean a maximum number of Cubs can shoot at once. A BB director will guide Cubs through safety and technique on Monday and help with shooting throughout the week.

Archery - Safety comes first at the Archery range, where Scouts will be challenged with a variety of targets.

Athletics - The camp sports program provides an opportunity to teach skills like sportsmanship, teamwork and to have fun and work on belt loops.


Located in the newly-renovated Magee Lodge that overlooks Lake Winnekeag, our craft shop allows Cubs to develop their creativity through a variety of hands on activities and projects.


Scoutcraft is what makes a Scout camp a Scout camp. It is the heart of Camp Split Rock and Cubs will begin to learn and practice a range of outdoor skills that will serve as a foundation for skills that will stay with them long after they leave Scouting.

Firebuilding – Build a fire in the rain, build a fire to cook over, build a fire and start it without matches or a lighter. Firebuilding methods, simply put, are an essential camping skill.

Map and Compass - Getting lost in the woods is certainly not fun – especially if you are all alone. With a buddy, and some basic map skills, Cubs will learn how to avoid getting lost.

Ropework – Basic Scouting knots each serve their own purpose; knots turn rope into a valuable tool. And there’s more fun to be once you’ve the basics have been mastered with more advanced knots, lashings, splices, whipping, and even making your own rope.

Pioneering Projects – Using staves and rope, work as a team on things like gateways, platforms, tri-pods and more. After learning basic lashings, Cubs love basic pioneering projects—which are not just structures, but exercises in teamwork and problem solving.


The Nature Den is a perfect arena for discussing ecology and conservation. Lessons on tree and plant identification, local wildlife and the principals of Leave No Trace and a few hikes and nature games thrown will help Cubs learn about caring for the environment.


Our multi-sided bouldering wall is a challenging, fun way to build teamwork and fitness within the dens.